How to boost your company’s brand on social networks?

When it comes to marketing, it's almost natural to think about building an image on social networks, but you don't have to be there to be there! The problem with many of these companies is that they believe that sales and followers will come by themselves because "our customers know where to find us". Of course you don't want to be one of these companies, you already understand that social networks are becoming more and more influential in the digital environment and are becoming more and more important in building the perfect sales funnel, but where do you start?

Basic tips to boost your brand on social media

There's no doubt that social media is a perfect channel to connect "one-to-one" with customers and the target market, but to get there, you need to start with the basics:

Listen instead of sell

If your idea is to learn one of the most searched aspects in Google like the "how to get more likes on facebook" tip, the first thing you should develop, almost as an instinct, is to listen to what the online community is asking. The great thing about social networks is that they provide an open, impromptu channel for maintaining natural communication with the rest of the world. For you, it means a kind of database; you can extract as much information as you like and fine-tune the marketing plan you have previously established, and that's fine. Be active in listening to and monitoring the conversations of the groups, customers and segments that interest you. As well as using it as an information base, it will also help you to boost your brand on social networks as you will be able to offer exactly what your audience is asking for.

Be human

We know that the real intention of a brand on social networks is to sell, and there are hundreds of resources that help you achieve this goal; instagram advertising, direct selling, high value content, etc. But that doesn't mean we have to project ourselves as a brand without an image or personality. We are in an age of transparency, and consumers who connect with brands want to interact with them in a real, original and live way. If you want to energise your brand on social media, you need to find a way to give it a human face. They understand that you are a brand, but that it is run by humans, who feel and suffer. So keep it human and you'll find it much easier to make a real connection with your followers and potential customers. When we say you should be human on your platforms, we also mean you should be sensitive to what everyone cares about, for example, showing that you care about a social issue. Maybe helping single mothers, domestic violence, abandoned children, etc. Of course, to cover a socially sensitive topic, the brand needs to feel a real commitment, as it will be a way of generating an image, do you want to be linked to one of these issues, can you do it, do you have the resources?

Look for relationships, not just followers

Fans of the brand are important, of course, but the great thing about the age of social media is that you can foster good relationships, not just with potential customers, but also with partners who, over time, become an important part of the brand's growth. Work it out. Coworking is a great way to break into the 2.0 environment, but it also allows you to see the impact you could have in the future, with the right partnerships.

Stay consistent with your topic

The truth is that creating a calendar of blog posts and sharing them on social media sounds like an easy task, but it's not! Trying to be heard, to make an impact, to get attention and to sell, all at the same time, it's easy to lose focus and clarity on who you are and how you want to connect. Check from time to time that the issues you are addressing are relevant to you, your goals and what you want to be associated with. Staying focused in a rapidly changing environment can be daunting, so it's good to constantly refresh your goals and scan the environment to change without losing a sense of your brand and finally get the boost you're looking for on social media.

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