Lithotherapy: Which stone is right for me?

Between Ayurveda, homeopathy and yoga, alternative medicine treats different kinds of physical, but also psychological ailments. Above all, there is lithotherapy, which is becoming increasingly popular today, a method that has been coveted for several years now. What is it really about? Why choose precious stones?

What is lithotherapy?

The word lithotherapy comes from the Hellenic word "lithos", which refers to stone, and the word "therapeia", which means "cure". As we know, stones and crystals are among the first tools used by mankind, many millions of years ago. Quite simply, lithotherapy is a non-conventional or alternative medicine that uses semi-precious or precious stones to heal. It is about using the energy of stones to regulate and improve psychological, physical and energetic disorders. Indeed, stones can help in our personal development and accompany us in our approach. Lithotherapy allows us to deal with various problems in life. It should be noted that these are not magical, special stones. They cannot always cure us of an illness and in no way replace medicines and treatments.

How does lithotherapy work?

In the Middle Ages, people used stones in all their aspects. Long before modern medicine existed, people used natural or semi-natural stones to heal themselves. This was later given the name lithotherapy. The principle is based on the emission of vibrations from stones and crystals that have therapeutic properties. These vibrations are able to act on the human body and help to improve well-being. Basically, it is quantum physics. As mentioned, in lithotherapy, stones are not only used to heal, but to gain inner well-being as well. It is a tool for personal development.

How to use the stones?

There are many ways to connect with natural and precious stones and to enjoy their benefits:

Jewellery to wear

The simplest, most aesthetic and effective way is to wear the gems as jewellery. This way, the stones will be in contact with the skin and you can get the most out of their benefits by maximizing the interaction of the energies. They can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, ankle chains and many others.

As an elixir

You can make a stone elixir. This is pure water in which crystals or natural stones are infused in order to transmit their properties into the water. This mixture will give dynamised gem-based water that will retain the curative benefits of the stone used.


A geode can simply be placed in a room to feel its energy. Indeed, there is a correlation between the stone and its dimensions. The smaller it is, the less effective it is.

Which stone is right for us

Above all, on the psychic point, it is important to know one's emotional weaknesses to be able to choose the stone that will suit us best. In lithotherapy, each gem is associated with a specific virtue. Here are some stones with their respective properties, the list is not exhaustive.


Amethyst is a gem that belongs to the microcrystalline family. Its violet colour is synonymous with power, which is why it is found among the jewels of the pharaohs and the British crown. It soothes anxiety, stress, insomnia, and has the power to counteract addiction to alcohol and tobacco. Amethyst is also often used to relieve headaches. It is the stone for people with the zodiac sign Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius or Sagittarius.


Agate has been used for two thousand years. It is a gemstone with a beautiful colour. It is a very popular stone for its protective and soothing properties. It prevents blockages and accidents, and helps to find balance. In lithotherapy, this gemstone is used to treat muscular and respiratory pains, alopecia and reduces stress. Agate is ideal for people with the astrological sign Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Pisces, or Libra, but it depends on the colour.


Jade is a hard and tenacious stone. This gem is famous in Chinese medicine. It is a sign of inner peace, wisdom and harmony. Jade also has many virtues that are beneficial to the human body. It relieves urinary infections, headaches, migraines, but especially kidney stones. Jade is the gem associated with the astrological signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

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