PIM solution: comparison of features

PIM (Product Information Management) are innovative tools, more precisely software solutions that give you the possibility to manage all the content associated with product catalogues. The objective is to offer these to customers on several types of channels. A comparison of all the functionalities of a pim solution allows the business owner to make the right choice of software and to know their relevance for small and medium-sized companies.

The basic functions of a PIM solution!

To be able to compare the Product Information Management software available on the market, it is essential to know how they work. In general, it all starts with downloading files from your external databases, your management system and your suppliers. At the heart of these management solutions, you can then use this data with additional descriptions. This also gives you the possibility to attach product classifications, translations, families and quality controls to your databases. At the output, the data is fed into print catalogues, e-commerce sites linked to another CMS and mobile applications. In addition, product information management software can also share product information between shops that may be linked to the same database. Therefore, these pim solutions allow you to improve the customer experience across different information channels.

The main features of Product Information Management software!

Not all pim software is the same. In this sense, it is essential to make a comparison of features to find the best solutions. In simple terms, the best software offers a centralised data management functionality. They integrate with third-party database management systems. The software also automatically updates product information. It transfers and exports all data across all channels. In addition, the best software can perform multi-channel data segmentation based on the target population. They also perform validation chains (workflow) and export data (XML, or standard PDF, HTML, etc. formats) and manage languages. Furthermore, the Product Information Management software to be chosen on the market must have a configuration and parameterisation module that is more flexible and easy to implement.

The main users of Product Information Management software!

In general, product information management software is aimed at all e-tailers whose product catalogues are more complex and difficult to provide. In principle, if you sell online services, you do not need a Product Information Management tool. However, if you have an e-commerce site with thousands of items, the use of a pim solution is essential for your business and marketing strategies. The main users of product information management software are e-retailers and digital teams looking to deploy the customer experience in a simpler and more efficient way. One of the reasons why today's companies that have benefited from the software's features suggest changing the acronym PIM to PEM or Product Experience Management. As a result, you may find articles mentioning more synonymous acronyms like PLM, MDM, DAM, MAM, etc. But don't let this lexical inflation among software vendors scare you off. Just focus your pim comparison on the main features and your needs.

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