PVC joinery: the best security

Polyvinyl chloride is present in many materials used in everyday life. This material is still commonly used in the manufacture of windows. It offers high thermal stability, maximum resilience, impact tolerance and simple maintenance. PVC joinery is a building that can be minimised in many types and guarantees higher or lower protection ratings.

Saving money in safer systems

It is advisable to favour works with A2P qualification for the security of PVC joinery. A combination of high performance profiles and reinforced glazing combine to make these high quality windows and doors. A high degree of protection is guaranteed by top quality joinery. Multipoint fittings, locks with anti-lift devices, locks with hard-to-reproduce keys are among the solutions that maximise the strength of the systems. It is useful to consider the classic products and solutions that are present on the market and which benefit from an exceptional defence approach. Modern joinery is mainly made up of durable structures that maintain good protection.

Choosing the best PVC window glazing

In most homes, double glazed windows are all that is required to have PVCu joinery security. These windows contain a petrol pump between two glass walls, which is known for its insulating properties. Although most double-glazed mobile windows contain argon gas, some versions include krypton gas, which has even better insulating properties. Acoustic glazing may be preferred by those who want to minimise noise emissions. These types of windows, such as the 6-18-4 style, consist of panes of varying thicknesses. The installation of laminated double glazing is the solution to avoid interference. The glazing needs 2 or more panes glued together to maximise the strength of the opening. They often include films that are PVB or burglar resistant.

Add options to protect external windows

The stability of the machine is optimised by anti-lift and anti-tear methods. These windows are equipped with a tamper-proof lock capable of securing the PVC joinery of the house. As many break-ins result from the demolition of windows, the construction of armoured systems prevents burglars from intervening. By adding PVC windows, the risk of burglary is reduced. These systems minimise energy loss and are extremely weatherproof. The unique feature of keyed handles is that after breaking the double glazing, they block access to the handles from the outside. The risk of domestic injury is minimised by this locked protection system. By making an unintentional move, it prevents children from falling out.

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