Semi-permanent varnish: do you fall for it or not?

In order not to waste too much time applying ordinary nail polish on the nails, opting for semi-permanent nail polish is a better idea. However, this type of nail polish is not well known to many people. This is why some people are afraid of the risks of side effects that can be emitted. Is it then advantageous to apply such a varnish on the nails? Is it necessary to consult a professional for the application of this varnish? To better answer this question, the following article will detail all the necessary information about this new trend.

Everything you need to know about semi-permanent nail polish

The invention of semi-permanent varnish is a very useful invention especially for women who do not have much time to go to beauty salons. But what is a semi-permanent varnish? It is a nail polish made with an acrylic gel that is coloured and applied directly to the nails using a brush. This type of nail polish hardens its fluidity when exposed to UV light. To be trendy then please change your nail polish by choosing different types of existing nail polish as there are a few dozen. You can choose flashy colours but nude colours are also very trendy to have shiny nails. Semi-permanent nail polish lasts for a fortnight, but after that time it turns into a scale and the nail growth that appears is not beautiful to see. Its hardness is between the fully permanent nail polish and the classic nail polish. Acrylic gel is not affected by heavy water during dishwashing or laundry. It does not wear out quickly.

How to apply semi-permanent varnish?

First of all, the beautician begins the session by polishing the surface of the nails. Then she applies a colourless base coat to protect your nails from any pigments. She continues the process by applying two successive layers of your chosen semi-permanent nail polish or acrylic gel with a brush. The session ends with the application of the top coat. For the application of the gel, the first coat must be allowed to dry for a few minutes before the second coat is applied. This drying is done with the help of the rays emitted by a UV lamp. After the second coat, let it dry under the UV lamp for about 30 minutes.

How to use semi-permanent varnish

Acrylic gel or semi-permanent varnish can still be applied over a conventional varnish layer. But in this case, you must know how to play with the colours to avoid having unexpected results. Sometimes, if your classic nail polish is too dark then the acrylic gel tends to turn a less expected colour. But if your base colour is transparent then you can put any colour on top. The application of this varnish can be done by yourself if you have all the necessary materials.

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