Tailor-made online funeral arrangements

When a loved one dies, there are many administrative steps and formalities to be taken. Some of these can be done online, others through the funeral services. The rest you can do yourself. Despite the sadness, one is obliged to organise the funeral within a limited time. Fortunately, there is the Internet to help the family. Also, funeral specialists are able to organise the funeral ceremony online.

Funeral services exclusively online

Revolution Funeral is an online-only funeral service. The services are provided by Cheap Funeral Services in Paris. The cost of the service offered is very low without compromising on quality and personalisation. The direct involvement of the family in the funeral process can limit the cost. The primary offer of the Funeral Revolution includes the coffin, transport and organisation. The coffin is made of 22 mm thick solid pine. The wood comes from French forests. The handles and the nameplate are made of wood. The deceased will be transported in a hearse with a driver. The journey is from the place of burial to the place of burial or cremation. If necessary, a place of worship is visited. The company takes care of the editing and the instructions for use of the documents needed to carry out the administrative procedures and formalities. You can carry the coffin from the place of burial to the vehicle or you can choose professionals to carry the coffin. If you do not entrust the administrative procedures to the funeral company, you must carry out all the administrative procedures such as declaring the death to the town hall and applying for a burial permit.

Additional services

You can order the following services online at Revolution Funeral Services: coffin carrying, administrative procedures, ordering, preparation of the register of condolences and flowers. The carrying of the coffin is limited to a transfer using a trolley. The head of the convoy may request the assistance of family members to carry the coffin. When there is a ceremony in a place of worship, the shoulder carrying is done by four family members. The company will take care of all the paperwork for you. The administrator can take care of all the problems of administrative organisation and delay. For the keeping of the register of condolences, it is the online establishment that notes the names and contact details of all the people who are present on the day of the funeral. As for the flowers, you can choose from the electronic catalogue. They will be delivered on the day of the funeral. All these services should be mentioned when drawing up the estimate. You can create your own electronic invitations and send them to your relatives from your personal account. This service is free. You have several models at your disposal.

Other support services

Revolution Funerals also offers assistance services after the death. Ask for the details when drawing up your quote. In the days following the funeral, certain steps must be taken. Certain deadlines must be respected in order not to encounter difficulties. The estimate takes into account the external fees and taxes, the police station, the costs of the coffin and of the toilet if the company does not carry out the funeral. The cost of the urn and crematorium in case of cremation. Cemetery work such as dismantling and reassembling the grave, digging, opening and closing the vault, and costs related to the burial and interment.

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