What is ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism?

Ecotourism is an excellent way to discover countries traditionally known for their beaches. It is part of an ecological and sustainable approach. The development of this type of tourism makes a real contribution to individual awareness of the need to protect the environment. Solidarity ecotourism allows for personal enrichment. It is about intelligent but not passive tourism. It attracts more travellers who want to experience an exceptional, responsible and fair trip. What exactly is meant by ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism?

Ecotourism: what is it?

Ecotourism is an alternative tourism structure based on the discovery of nature. Usually practiced in small groups or on an individual basis, it focuses on the interpretation, observation, education and study of the natural environment. Not only do we discover the fauna, flora and landscapes of a region, but also its inhabitants. Ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism aim to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment among both travellers and local people. The particularities of an ecotourism trip are the restriction of the ecological footprint, the well-being of the local population, environmental education and support for biodiversity conservation planning.

Solidarity ecotourism: the art of travelling differently

Solidarity ecotourism is an aspect of travel that aims to respect the environment and biodiversity as well as the cultures and populations. Nevertheless, the ethical rules are more rigorous and push the cursor further. For tourism to be considered solidarity-based, on the one hand, the distribution of resources and tasks must be agreed upon by the project participants. The service providers employed should be indigenous or agricultural cooperatives, associations or village groups. Ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism support local development projects and respect the host communities. Tourists can take part in the development programme for a pre-defined period of time. This art of travelling is attracting more and more people. It is a growing trend.

Ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism: the link between the two

Solidarity ecotourism is in line with the appreciation of environmental values. It insists on the maintenance of natural sites and on the fair and just valorisation of the local economy. This form of tourism is therefore inevitably linked to ecotourism. Ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism are part of a branch of sustainable tourism. Their ambition is to organise a responsible discovery of ecosystems by reducing the impact on the environment. In short, ecotourism is based on respect for local associations and the local economy. Villagers actively contribute to welcoming travellers and planning tourism. Travellers and travel agencies in turn develop the local and national economy. They also contribute financially to local development programmes.

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