Why scrub regularly?

Taking care of the body is essential. It is said that the skin regenerates easily and naturally, and this is true. But helping to look after your body is an important contribution to your skin. Whether it's the face, hands, feet... all these parts of the body are exposed to dirt. They need to be cleaned. So what does exfoliation do? Why is it useful?

What role does exfoliation play on the body?

As is often said, the skin has the ability to regenerate itself. Fortunately this is the case, because it would be a shame if it did not work miracles, with all that we put it through. Moreover, it only regenerates every 28 days and this renewal process is slow. So, in order to ensure and activate this regeneration, scrubbing is an important ritual. First of all, exfoliation serves to exfoliate the skin and remove the impurities that have become embedded. Then, thanks to this ability to exfoliate, dead cells are eliminated and the skin is helped to air.

What are the different types of scrub?

When we talk about exfoliation, we are not simply talking about exfoliating. There are two distinct categories of scrubs. The first is the chemical action scrub, which consists of an enzymatic scrub, requiring no grain or need for friction. It is a matter of spreading the product over the area to be cleaned and waiting for its effects. The second category is the mechanical scrub. This consists of a scrub using a product with grains, which will serve to exfoliate the skin. This type of scrub requires a circular movement. These modes are chosen according to the skin. For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended that they choose chemical scrubs to avoid any redness or other damage caused by friction.

How to make a successful scrub?

Successful scrubbing depends primarily on the choice of products. As far as possible, it is advisable to choose natural scrubs. Otherwise, it is necessary to know your skin and buy a suitable product. Scrubbing is recommended twice (2) a week. It is even advisable to exfoliate before each epilation so that the product adheres easily. The skin will be cleaner and smoother. If possible, it is best to exfoliate in the morning, especially if the exfoliator is an exfoliator. Of course, sensitive skin should only be exfoliated every 10 days to avoid harshness on the face or hands, for example. For a successful exfoliation process, it is sufficient to use circular movements to massage the capillaries.

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