Wooden stairs: the best value for money choice

If you have an upstairs house, then an object is really necessary to go up to the upper part of the house. Or if you want to take something very high, it is also useful. But the type or shape you want depends on your budget and your personal needs. As well as the lifestyle you lead. Before you buy or make one, analyse the following 9 keys. They will help you make the right choice.

The space, the hopper and the use of the stairs

Normally a ladder requires more than 4 square metres of floor space in your home. For spacious rooms, the straight staircase is the most commonly used. And take advantage of the remaining space underneath for shelves or cupboards and a small home office. For small spaces: the spiral staircase is ideal, especially for a main ladder. Finally, for the 2/4 turn, a medium ladder will be welcome in the room. In the case of the choice of the hopper: this concerns the space given to the ladder to have the desired shape. But you should know that there are more advantages to a wooden staircase than other types of staircases. For example, if the hopper is long, a straight ladder is more suitable. If the opposite is true, then a quarter turn ladder is more ideal. For small ones, a spiral ladder is best. In terms of use, it connects two rooms that are often used together, such as the living room below and the bedrooms above.

The type of ladder, materials and budget

There are two types of ladders: standard and custom-made. The more practical one is custom-made, because you could customize your choice according to your space. But if you want to have something according to your expectation, you will have to save or bet a large amount of money. The materials for the manufacture of your staircase will be according to your taste: but the advantages of wooden staircases are numerous than others like iron or concrete or even stone. In addition, it is the most traditional type. But you will only have to review its use. For those who like more contemporary styles then, please choose metal ladders. Ideally, it should be combined with wooden steps. For concrete or stone, the finish is heavy so you will have more time to waste. The budget for creating a staircase depends on the expectations you order. But to save money, opt for a straight ladder. For other shapes, the price varies according to the length and the materials used.

Risers, handrails and fall protection

The riser is the vertical part behind the staircase step. But for the sake of aesthetics: ignore the risers and let the light in. But if you have small children who are learning to walk or crawl then it is better to put risers. It is safer. The handrail allows elderly people or small children to go up or down the stairs by holding it. It is essential especially if the ladders are steep or the ascents and descents are irregular. The advantage of wooden stairs is that you can add anti-fall coverings. This will prevent accidents if you put on your ladders. To help you not to waste too much time, there are anti-slip varnishes or paints available.

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