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Finance – How to save taxes?

There are several ways to save tax. For example: invest in the capital of a FIP, SCPI or an SME.

ecological tiny house

House – The mobile and ecological tiny house

The tiny house is more like a camper van or a garden studio than a garden shed.


Insurance – Bundle all your policies into one

Grouping several contracts with one insurer has many advantages: contract management, support, etc.

Travel to the US
Travel to the US: find a specialist online

Taking time out to relax and indulge is essential to release the stress and pressure of everyday life and to recharge your batteries. There are many ways to relax nowadays, from eating a good meal, to doing sports, to travelling….

Latin dancing
Why take up Latin dancing?

There are many types of Latin dances, such as: Kizomba and Salsa. The latter is divided into three parts, namely: Colombian salsa, which generally emphasises the use of the legs. On the other hand, there is the Puerto Rican salsa…

What is ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism?

Ecotourism is an excellent way to discover countries traditionally known for their beaches. It is part of an ecological and sustainable approach. The development of this type of tourism makes a real contribution to individual awareness of the need to…


Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics or K-beauty

The Korean cosmetic routine consists of applying a daily sheet mask.

Brands are inspired by nature

Brands are inspired by nature

More and more brands are taking an interest in eco-design.

Ethical fashion

Ethical fashion: these hot products!

The principle of ethical fashion is to contribute to environmental well-being.


E-shops to buy good vintage

Some online shops offer products for vintage lovers.



Following a life coach allows you to benefit from support in your reflection. Coaching sessions are designed to challenge you. The objective of the coaching is to help you achieve your goals that you have set yourself. The coachees will be able to take a step back and adjust their goals.